VIGA Mortar



“VIGA Mortar”, is a thick smoothing plaster for rough substrates in the form of whitish powder, ready for manual application after the addition of the specific amount of water. It’s mechanically mixed and automatically packed with constant tested ratios, composed from primary raw materials and high quality additives enhancing the product performance. Natural elements compose more than 98% from the total weight. After adding the right portion of clean water, it gives a homogeneous mortar ready for application without adding any additives. This is product has the ability to act as a first thick smoothing coat for rough substrates either “VIGA Fill” or traditional sand & cement plaster to repair it in order to reach the required lining.“VIGA Mortar”, after its setting gives a hard and smooth coat. It also features a very high adhesion to different types of substrates especially “VIGAFill” with lowest percentage of waste



  • Perfect as a thick smoothing coat for the surface of “VIGA Fill”
  • Perfect to repair traditional plastering method especially for very rough surfaces
  • Optimum for large areas because after setting, “VIGA Mortar” doesn’t show the jointing between different areas applied on a long interval of time making it perfect for repairs and maintenance



  • Rich with adhesion additives improving its adhesion to different types of substrates
  • The consistence of the mortar after mixing with water and cohesion additives included in its formula reduces significantly the application waste compared to traditional methods
  • Gives a very hard smooth whitish surface
  • At the end, the final surface is a whitish, strong and decorative rough texture
  • Easy to prepare, only spray the powder to the indicated ratio of water then mix thoroughly till reaching the required consistency
  • Average coverage rate (Lab trials) reaching 900 m2/Ton at a 1 mm thickness, according to type and roughness of substrates Adjusted setting time ranging 60-70 mins according to application and storage conditions
  • Easy to handle and store, resulting in an organized and clean working site
  • Guaranteed by ALROWAD FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT, the world leader manufacturer and producer of building materials
  • Very healthy both during application or housing and doesn’t cause any odors
  • Environment friendly as it consumes a low thermal energy during manufacturing and it is packed in recyclable sacks


Technical characteristics

  • Mix density : 1500-1600 Kg/m3
  • Average coverage rate : 23m2 for 1 mm thickness per sack
  • Maximum thickness: 10 mm per layer
  • Average compressive strength: 5.5 Newton/mm2
  • Average tensile strength: 2 Newton/mm2
  • Average surface Hardness: 15 Newton/mm2
  • Working time: 40 mins
  • Setting time: 70 mins
  • PH: 9-11
  • Mixing ratio: 55-65% clean water by weight
  • Sack weight: 25 Kg


Storage conditions

Must be stored in a dry area far from the reach of humidity or any water source, preferably on pallets and covered with impermeable cover to maintain a steady quality the longest duration possible




Before starting

Ensure the mixing container and the application tools are clean especially form waste of previous mix and it’s recommended to clean the tools directly after usage

Mixing ratio

“VIGA Mortar” is mixed to 55-65% of water by weight

Preparation & mixing

“VIGA Mortar” is sprayed on water with the right ratios (Don’t add water to powder), then leave for 2 mins till it soaks completely. Stir the mix perfectly in all directions till reaching a homogeneous mortar with the convenient consistency for the application. It is preferred to use mechanical mixing

Mixing time & setting

“VIGA  Mortar” is workable for 40 mins starting from the start of mixing, initial setting in 70 mins and reaches final setting in 2 days on average according surface conditions,and thickness, weather conditions and humidity.


Important instructions

  • The shelf-life printed on the sack must be respected
  • Powder must be sprayed to water and not the opposite
  • Don’t mix a quantity that you can’t use in 40 mins
  • Don’t add new quantity to an old one
  • Surfaces must be sprayed intensively with water before application especially in summer or hot areas
  • The addition of other additives on the product during mixing especially bonding agents has a negative impact on the quality of the product and changes its nature
  • In case of remaining quantities in the sack, the sack must be well sealed and stored away from any source water or humidity
  • It’s recommended to always refer to technical catalog or technical support team for extra information concerning different applications
  • Valid for 6 months from the production date indicated on the sack