Product Description:
OPTICRYL 3000 is an Acrylic Binder for Paint applications. It is a finely dispersed, aqueous dispersion of a styrene-acrylic ester copolymer, which contains an anionic emulsifier system and is free from film forming aids, solvents and plasticizers.
Technical Properties:
Test Specification Method
Solids Content 49.0 – 51.0 % ISO 124
pH Value 7.0 – 8.0 ISO 976
Brookfield DV-E S03@10rpm
5000 – 11000 cPs ISO 1652
Glass Transition Temperature Tg 22 °C
Density 1,04 g/cm³
Mean Particle Size 0,1 μm
Minimum Film-Forming
Temperature 18 °C
Surface Tension 43 mN/m
Water Absorption (24h) 9 %
Tensile Strength 8 N/mm²
Elongation at Break 500 %


OPTICRYL 3000 forms a clear, tack-free and water resistant film above the minimum film forming temperature,.
It has good light, ageing and alkali resistance.

OPTICRYL 3000 has good all-round properties having excellent pigment binding capability and good pigment and filler compatibility. Primary applications are: paint materials for inside and outside use and tile adhesives, high-grade plasters, additive for silicate paints, and priming of mineral substrates.

Pigmentation / wetting agents:
OPTICRYL 3000 shows good compatibility with the generally used pigments and fillers.

In very high PVC and the use of fillers with a large specific surface, the requirement for wetting agent should be determined.Dispersing agents like in combination with polyphosphates are effective.Thickening:
For adjustment of end product viscosity and rheology addition of cellulose ethers, copolymers containing acid groups, polyurethane thickening agents and inorganic thickening agents is recommended.

Film formation:
The film forming temperature can be lowered by the addition of effective solvents. High boiling solvents or diverse grades are highly active, white spirits containing aromatics (boiling point 180 – 220°C) and butyl glycol have a lesser activity and must be used in higher dosage.

During paint production effective defoaming is necessary.

Additional Information:

Packaging :` in 1 MT IBC, 200Kg plastic drums.

Storage Life : 6 Months from date of production.

Storage conditions: Keep in cool and dry condition and original packaging.

Product Safety:

Relevant safety data and references as well as the necessary hazard warning labels can be found in the safety data sheet.